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The Power of 5

The Power of 5

If you are over 50 , 60, 70 or beyond, and your body has a mind of its own, The Power of 5 free 5-day email workshop has got your back. No more guessing, no more feeling like crap.

When you imagine yourself 5, 10, or 20 years from now, what do you see?

I doubt you imagine frail, or frumpy, and one with the couch. 

Most of us imagine a future self exactly as we are today…
Only with a few more wrinkles. 😎

We’ll still be hiking, hanging with friends and family, exploring
the world, learning, leading, and loving.

Just. Like. Today. 

Or will we? 

Will you?

Where is that crystal ball when you need it, huh?

I don’t have a crystal ball but here’s my prediction: 

Most of us will… 

  • Wish we’d done more when we were younger
  • Taken the odd pain or symptom seriously, sooner
  • Dealt with–as in ditched–the people, relationships, or habits that rob us of joy, energy, and freedom to live as we want.

If you’ve got an aging body but no maintenance plan, 

Are suffering from symptoms you’ve chalked up to “this is what happens at your age”

Or have an inner knowing that your life has to change but aren’t sure what to do, you are not alone, I’ve been where you are, and I believe I can help.

 Hi, I’m Greg.

My thing is helping women navigate the changes that come with the gift of aging. Gift? Better than the alternative, no? 

I am an 80/20 girl when it comes to my own health practices. As a coach, it’s what I suggest for my clients. 

I don’t wake up every day and have a green drink. Wine, coffee, and meat are staples, and my meditation habit is far from habitual.

But I know how to make that 80% count when it comes to movement, eating, and self-care. Researching the science of longevity lights me up. 

I do not suffer BS gladly which is why my writing and podcasting is and always has been, devoted to the truth, to busting myths, like genes are destiny. They’re not, but I do believe in gene testing. Matter of fact, one of my foundational principals is “Test Don’t Guess.”

“Every Bite We Take And Thought We Think Are Either Investments In Our Health, Or A Debt We’ll Have To Repay Later.”

Here’s how we can work together

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