Episode 100: Vedic astrology, planetary energy, and your sacred wealth code

For those of you who don’t know me, I do woo. I love all things mystical and spiritual, including Vedic astrology, and do my best to follow my inner guidance.

Sometimes I find I need a bit of guidance from other sources.

Like Prema Gurreri, this week’s guest.

I discovered Vedic astrology about ten years ago. I’d been having my chart read Western astrology style, for years. Good stuff and eerily accurate. Vedic is different. It’s more about now, about planetary energy and how it affects each of us individually.

Prema, a Vedic Astrologer and business oracle, uses Vedic astrology to help people chart their paths and flow with the energy of life as it is influenced by the planets.

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“I believe that our core purpose is to be true to ourselves, so we can claim our power and wholeness, be of service and manifest wealth 

in our own unique and meaningful ways.”

 Vedic, or sidereal astrology, is different from western, or tropical astrology, in the way it looks at the planets. Here’s a great discussion about the differences.

“I am not about prediction because I believe prediction robs people of choice.” Which is not to say she is against psychic readings and or Tarot. Her point is that anything in our chart can change depending on actions we take or don’t.


Her work is all about giving her clients, and her large Youtube following, a celestial weather report, “What energy is at play right now?” is what she reports on. How will that affect you? How can you flow with the energy when it’s intense?

When things up ahead are challenging, and you are prepared, you can make choices to ease the transition through to the other side.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap. Prema explained what retrograde means and why poor Mercury is said to be a problem. But it comes with gifts and challenges.

Each chart, representing a human, has 12 houses. Each house represents an aspect of life; wealth, health, relationships, and so on. Each of us will be affected differently by the planets’ energy depending on what sign (Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, etc) is in. In case you think of astrology as only helpful for relationships or career or financial information, it’s time to add one more category; health.

“If there’s a lot going on in their sixth house, which is a house of health and disease and wellbeing, well maybe we need to bolster you up.”

Healthy aging can be helped by knowing where the planets are and where they are headed.

The title mentions Your Sacred Wealth Code. This is her signature work and the thing that turned her life around when she was in her dark night of the soul.

Your sacred wealth code is based on your soul blueprint. Within your blueprint are your archetypes and your highest value gifts. These are the gifts that make life easy for you, allow you to feel fulfilled and on purpose. And they are connected to your wealth—whatever wealth means to you. All of this lives at the intersection of purpose and prosperity in your chart.

“When I work with clients using Vedic Astrology, I reveal their Soul Blueprint. From there, we unlock their Sacred Wealth Code® to discover their unique, divine gifts and talents. With these, you can find and engage in your meaningful work in the world where you will thrive and make the impact you are here to make.

Want to meet one of your archetypes? Take the quiz.

Prema uses her highest value gifts—she talks about those and how you can find out what yours are—as a coach and spiritual guide. She has a number of different  readings. Working with Prema—or other experts in this type of astrology—can help you plan your business. If you want to launch a new program or promotion, wouldn’t it be good to know when you are most likely to succeed based on what planets are in what house?

I know two very successful personal development coaches who won’t make any decision about their lives or business without consulting their Vedic astrologer. It’s that powerful.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with her on her offers (copywriting) and benefited from her Vedic and intuitive guidance for my businesses and life. I might have stopped doing the podcast if it was not for her insights.

Prema does one on one and group coaching in addition to readings.

If you want to get started with Vedic astrology, use the free chart calculator. Just enter your birth information and you’ll get your chart and a Prema’s free Vedic astrology chart guide to help you understand it.

Prema has a book, oracle cards and a journal based on The Sacred Wealth Code.

I love having Prema’s information to refer to whether it’s her updates on Insta or a full-blown new year visioning reading. She has a huge heart and is gifted in her work.

Check out her site to learn more.

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