Episode 105: Sparking JOY even in the darkest places

Ever thought about the power of joy, even in life’s toughest moments?

Today, I’m joined by Kristen Sparks who has conquered abuse, addiction, and physical trauma to uncover an unbelievable joy and resilience. She emphasizes the importance of discarding obsolete narratives, embracing love’s transformative power, and finding happiness in tiny moments of contrast.

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“What I’m trying to get at is we have the ability to stop the craziness and the drama that we play in our heads and find that spark that literally does live. I, I say it’s absolutely in the solar plexus.

We talked about perception and the importance of remembering that we all see things differently. And not taking things personally.

“That’s what life is all about. It’s this beautiful dream that we get to dream in any way we want it. And every morning I am so grateful to wake up. And take a good, deep breath. I’m grateful for the pains and the aches and the cat screaming, the dog barking. Because I’m awake. I’m alive. We get another day.

Amen to that peeps!

Kristin has a podcast, find it at https://www.wrarinc.com/wrartv

She is having an event in Florida next month. Her keynote is Marci Shimoff whose program, Happy for No Reason has changed many lives.

You can find more about Kristin here.

And she’s on IG here

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