Episode 108: Memoir, the gift you give the world

This week’s guest, Alison Wearing, is a best-selling author known for her award-winning books and one-woman shows, discussed memoir-writing.

Many listeners might relate with either wanting to write about their fascinating life experiences or feeling their life wasn’t quite exciting enough yet still desiring to craft a memoir. Alison touched on both scenarios.

Do you aspire to pen a memoir but are hesitant about the process? Alison will help you understand the nuances of autobiographical writing versus memoirs, how to decide what stays in your story and what doesn’t, where to start – she has answers for everything!

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When is the right time to begin? “We all need time for our stories – distance for perspective or healing from wounds or understanding what actually happened and its implications.”

For those contemplating writing their memoirs but hesitating due to fear or lack of experience – start now! Every life story has value and contributes to our collective human narrative. A well-written memoir doesn’t just recount events; it explores why they mattered then and why they still matter now. Sharing your journey can illuminate someone else’s path.

The beauty of memoirs lies within its selectiveness: you choose what parts of your life you want to share and omit the rest – this act alone can be liberating. As Maggie Smith beautifully puts it in her memoir “You Can Make This Place Beautiful“: “This is not a tell-all; it’s a tell mine”.

Alison offers a 12 week memoir writing course as well as retreats. The next cohort for the course begins January 15th, 2024. You can get on the waiting list now on that page.

This was one of the most satisfying conversations I’ve had about writing and I would trust Alison with my heart and soul if I were to decide to write my own memoir.

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