Episode 109: Dirty little secrets about popular prescription medications

Sue Robotti’s personal journey experience with DES (Diethylstilbestrol) exposure through her mother led to her infertility. It also inspired her commitment to medication awareness.

She created the MedShadow Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides education on the side effects and long-term impacts of medicines.

As we grow older, it’s not uncommon to face an increasing number of prescriptions. Each tablet or capsule promises relief or prevention from ailments that often accompany aging. But with every promise comes a caveat; medications carry risks and potential complications which may be heightened as our bodies change over time.

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We discussed prescription Drugs Vs. Lifestyle Habits:

When is it necessary to take medication versus when can lifestyle changes improve health outcomes.

Of course we talked statins. If you know my work at all you know I am a on a mission to educate people on the harms that statins do and the “high cholesterol leads to heart disease myth.”

Su shared the very real concerns surrounding statin prescriptions for cholesterol management—potential side effects like muscle pain, cognitive impairment, diabetes risk increase—and stories illustrating why some individuals may not need them after all.

Then there are the hot new weight loss drugs like Wegovy, a class of drugs called semiglutides. Su is on the FDA’s consumer panel and she saw the trial data–all trial members were men btw–and got to vote on this drug class– originally created for diabetes patients. Find out why she wouldn’t vote “yes” to approving them today.

The Role of Pharmacists & De-prescribing Movement. Pharmacists are valuable assets in managing drug interactions and can answer any questions you have about your meds or a new prescription. They will call a doctor’s office with concerns on your behalf.

Su introduced us to “de-prescribing,” a process aimed at reducing unnecessary medication. This is especially good news for those who may be on 4 or more medications and have been for some time. Are they all still necessary? Some docs will help you wade through the tangle and get off the ones you no longer need.

Education empowers patients – knowing more about your medication can lead you towards better healthcare decisions.

Supplements aren’t always what they seem – research thoroughly before consumption; consider reputable sources such as Consumer Labs for guidance.

Learn more about prescription medications and lifestyle changes for better health at Medshadow.org.

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