Episode 111: Behind the mic, what’s new for RWO in 2024

This episode is a sneak peek into my mind’s workings as we march into the new year. It’s about who I’ll be chatting with—individuals who challenge norms and inspire us to rethink aging, not as decline but as an opportunity for growth and vitality.

Perhaps the new music indicates I’m ready for a fresh start. This isn’t just an update to the playlist; it’s a rejuvenation of content and spirit aimed at those who share a desire to live life to the max–me and you!

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More rebellious topics and conversations.

Speaking of rebellious, I’m getting out of the weight loss coaching business.

There are a million and one people touting the “lose weight over 50 miracle” and I am getting out of the fray.

I am discontinuing weight loss conversations if they are the primary focus. What I’m more interested in is celebrating and accepting one’s body, finding compassion for all bodies and the people who live in them.

Inspired by Dr. Michelle Tubman (whose enlightening interview drops mid-January), we’re embracing health at every size instead of chasing fleeting fixes.

The truth is complex: sometimes factors like thyroid issues or genetics play roles in weight challenges—and it’s crucial to seek the kind of help that suits who you are rather than succumbing to one-size-fits-all solutions. I will continue to bring you the best–and most trustworthy–resources to turn to.

Looking ahead, expect stories from trailblazers using unorthodox methods backed by science—everything from stem cell products to biohacking gadgets—and explorations into spiritual wellness because balance matters.

And there’s room for your voice too! Suggest topics or experts—I’m all ears at gregory@rebelliouswellnessover50.com or @rebelwell50 on Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s wishing you a splendid start to this new chapter of life filled with good health and happiness!

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