Episode 112: What if weight loss isn’t the answer…

I sat down with Dr. Michelle Tubman, practicing physician and health coach, to dismantle societal myths surrounding women’s bodies and health. I had to ask because of outdated science I was operating from: do larger body sizes inherently equate to poor health?

Spoiler alert: they don’t. We went on to discuss how cultural pressures can distort self-perception and how painful this is for millions of men, women, and children.

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This is not to say that some people who are obese will suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and other common lifestyle diseases. But many thin people will too!

Here are the highlights

Dr. Tubman’s Personal Story. Her journey from struggling with her own body image to empowering others as a physician and coach. Michelle shared a raw story that was a pivot point for her and started her on a path to healing her self image and her life.

2. Medical Bias & Training Gaps. Discussion on how medical professionals may inadvertently perpetuate size bias due to lack of training in nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

3. Health Beyond Weight Loss. Exploring holistic approaches for appreciating one’s body without focusing on weight loss or dieting.

4.Semaglutide Concerns. Potential side effects, muscle mass loss implications, short-term studies funded by drug companies, rebound weight gain after discontinuation, and overall efficacy concerns are examined.

5. Gratitude Practice for Body Acceptance. Emphasizing small acts of gratitude toward one’s body as a step towards acceptance rather than immediate love.

6. Food Relationships & Mindful Choices. Encouraging listeners to consider if food choices will nourish or punish them while also being mindful about future well-being post-consumption.

Her website is here. Dr. Tubman has a podcast called Thrive Beyond Size.

Find her on instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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