Episode 114: Cardiac surgeon says “Stay off my operating table”

Dr. Philip Ovadia, is a practicing cardiac surgeon who is on a mission to revolutionize heart health by keeping people off his operating table. It starts with our lifestyle choices–not really news is it?

Take one aspect, food. It’s information and it’s information that speaks directly to the many systems that keep us going–or not going.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Normalization of Invasive Procedures – Open-heart surgery has become normalized but remains highly invasive and requires extensive recovery time.

2. Preventing Heart Disease – Simple changes in diet and lifestyle can have profound effects on heart health.

3. Metabolic Health Focus – Understanding metabolic health–which means stable blood sugar levels, low inflammation, not insulin resistant– is key to addressing the root cause rather than just treating symptoms.

4. Personal Journey – Dr. Philip shares his transformation from being morbidly obese to losing 100 pounds by changing his own eating habits, highlighting the importance of dietary choices in managing one’s health.

5. Processed Foods & Seed Oils – Discusses how processed foods contribute significantly to poor metabolic health while advocating for whole real foods including animal products as nutrient-dense options.

7. Supplements – While some supplements like Vitamin D might be necessary due to common deficiencies or geographic limitations, he advises against blanket supplementation in favor of targeted approaches based on individual needs.

Episode Highlights:

Gender Differences in Heart Disease: Women typically experience protection until menopause but may present atypical symptoms compared to men.

Misconceptions About Red Meat: Challenges prevailing beliefs about red meat and saturated fats by suggesting they are not harmful when considering quality science data.

Resources Mentioned:

Free quiz on metabolic health can be found on the home page of ifixhearts.com

The Ancestral Diet Revolution” by Chris Knobbe


Ovadia Heart Health

Dr. Ovadia’s book includes sections on heart healthy choices for all food types–keto, vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, Mediterranean.

Dr. Ovadia’s book also offers guidance for maintaining a metabolically healthy diet across various popular diets such as keto, paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean, gluten-free vegetarianism and veganism.

Genetic testing for targeted supplementation

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