Episode 116: You can reverse osteoporosis, here’s how

Dr. Doug Lucas is one of my fave docs. Why? Because he goes the extra mile to research before treating patients or sharing science and health news. And he isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know.”

He’s also one of the docs I love to feature because he has transitioned from the western model of medicine–he was an orthopedic surgeon–to holistic health; prevention and remedial treatment.

Today he shares his insights on preventing and reversing bone loss at any age.

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And why common exercises like power walking might not be enough for optimal bone strength. Nor were a few other things I was relying on like adding a weight vest, vibration plate, and resistance training. What’s a girl to do? Learn and do.

So what does make bones stronger? Resistance and impact. These two forces stimulate bone growth by signaling the body that more strength is needed in these areas—a biological response akin to building muscle through weightlifting.

I specifically wanted to have Doug talk about the role of medications in treating osteoporosis because I know he takes a balanced approach– including which ones Dr. Lucas prefers and under what conditions. He describes the 2 main types, who is a candidate, who isn’t and why for both.

He talked about his 4 R system which is his holistic approach to improving bone health through lifestyle changes, biomarker-driven supplementation, hormone replacement therapy (when appropriate), peptides usage, and even off-label use of certain drugs.

We covered

  • The importance of understanding the root causes behind individual cases of osteoporosis
  • Strategies for creating personalized programs that can reverse or mitigate bone density loss 
  • Insights into how various interventions like hormone replacements can fit into a larger treatment plan

Dr. Lucas has recently started a monthly membership program called Health Span Nation. Their tagline is Live Better, Longer. I like it and joined just last week. Still finding my way around but Doug does live Q & As once a month. You get exclusive access to Dr. Doug and a community of people pursuing health and longevity.

You can listen to my earlier segment with Doug where we talk about metabolic health, what it means and why it’s important to be metabolically healthy.

He has a Youtube channel–The Dr. Doug Show, Bones, Hormones, and Healthspan this is off the charts with engaged people. And lots of videos on a huge variety of health topics.

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