Episode 119: Dr. Michael Roizen, Can We Really Turn Back Time?

Today, I have the privilege of hosting Dr. Michael Roizen, a renowned expert in reversing and rebooting aging. 

His CV is extensive, you can read about him here. In 2007, Dr. Roizen was named Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic, the first such position in a major healthcare institution in the United States.

The concept might sound like something out of science fiction, but Dr. Roizen discussed real scientific endeavors aimed at reversing biological aging. He opened up about cutting-edge technologies such as 3D organ printing – which may one day allow us to replace aged organs with new ones – and research on telomeres and stem cells that are at the forefront of longevity studies.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Reversing Biological Age: Dr. Roizen discusses how we can not only prevent but reverse our biological age through various methods.
  • Future Innovations: A glimpse into future advancements such as 3D organ printing and breakthroughs in research that could allow us to reset our age back to our forties.
  • Real Age Concept: An explanation of Real Age – an assessment tool that determines your body’s health relative to your calendar age based on lifestyle choices.

Take the Real Age test at ShareCare.com. Caveat. I took the test, which is long but multiple choice, and I knew based on some of the questions I was in trouble. The algorithm recommended that I don’t eat enough whole grains–I eat almost none–or legumes, not good for my genetic profile, or fruit. I don’t love fruit but do eat about two apples a week and berries or melon in season. It’s pretty old school/western medicine oriented. I also got points off for not having a flu shot every year and never having had a pneumonia vax.

  • Preventing Structural Change: Importance of avoiding severe structural damage now so you can benefit from potential future therapies.
  • Health Parameters & Longevity Preparation: Insights into six parameters of health including diet, exercise, stress management (highlighted as most important), connection with others, and sleep quality.
  • Metformin and Aging Debate: Discussion about Metformin’s role in anti-aging; while it has been hyped up within certain circles, Dr. Roizen advises caution unless pre-diabetes or diabetes is present.
  • Telomere Testing Accuracy Concerns: Skepticism around telomere length tests due to variability; emphasis on stem cell telomeres being more crucial than other cells’ for longevity.
  • Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD): Explanation of Valter Luongo’s FMD which resets genes allowing for increased stem cell growth upon resuming a normal diet after fasting periods.

Supplements That Work: A brief mention at the end regarding supplements that may provide more benefits than risks according to Longevity.com’s scientific advisory board evaluations – baby aspirin twice daily, CoQ10, probiotics like Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis HN019™️ , vitamin D above 50 ng/ml levels and half a multivitamin twice daily were highlighted among others.

Dr. Roizen’s latest book, he has written or co-authored numerous books, is The Great Age Reboot, Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow.

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