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Yes, you can control your thoughts in any situation

Erin McCollough is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, studying under Mike Dooley. While getting certified, it became clear to her that her life’s purpose is to help businesspeople find joy, purpose, and meaning in their lives.  

She coaches and conducts her own trainings on changing the way we think so that we are in control of what we can control—our emotions, reactions, and actions—in any situation.

Erin began this work when she had hit rock bottom after divorce and a dizzying work schedule that produced piles of stress. She woke up one day and realized she didn’t recognize who she was. 

That’s when she began to seek personal development. Her life immediately began to look very different and includes peace of mind and finding the love of her life.

You may have heard that we are not our thoughts. When you drill down into what this means you realize it’s a power tool for getting through life.

Erin says, “You can create separateness and recognize that you aren’t your thoughts, and you aren’t the emotions that arise, they are just predictable things that you do based on past experiences.” 

One powerful idea that has made a big difference for me and for her is having a thought about a person or situation, and then deciding whether I want to say it or not. The thought is not in control.

Find out what impenetrable joy is and why it’s important. Here’s a hint, it helps ground us so we don’t get rocked or knocked off our game when things get tough.

Don’t wait to feel joy or happiness until x, y or z happens, choose to have it now despite what might be going on in your life.

You are not the story, the things that happened to you.

When we decide to make a changes it’s sometimes not a good idea to tell those who love us. 

Why? Because they want us to stay the same just as much as our reptilian brain wants us to stay the same. It takes them out of their comfort zone if we start to become different or be different. 

Feeling irritable? Take a breath and ask, “why am I getting triggered here?” That pause is a chance to not react and have a different, better, outcome than what reaction usually leads to.

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