Episode 28: From Lawyer to Psychic. Are you living someone else’s expectations?

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About Our Guest:

Before you decide this episode isn’t for you because I’m talking to a psychic I invite you to read on. 

This conversation is a deep dive into healing the aspects of ourselves that hold us back from doing what we know or sense, that we would be happier doing. 

And ends with a way to learn to tap into your psychic powers. Liz believes we are born with them but they get covered up by the logical mind and outside demands to conform.

Even if that includes leaving the safety of corporate law practice—“the thing I was supposed to do” says Liz—to wander the woods of woo in search of her right livelihood.

And when I say “wander” I mean it started with a bit of research and soon became a burn the ships, no going back, commitment to using her psychic powers to live fully expressed, have fun, and make a difference while making a heck of a living.

May I introduce Liz Zamorski, Fem Genius, Tarot card reader extraordinaire, and happy woman doing something she loves. Find her on IG or YouTube you’ll see how much fun she’s having.

And it wasn’t always like this.

Sound familiar fam? If your life feels like a size too small itchy woolen sweater, listen in and see if you hear what you need to cut that thing off and breathe, deeply.

These show notes have more of Liz speaking than others. There is so much wisdom in her story that it feels right.

Anyone else have an experience like Liz’s growing up?

“I had this upbringing that had very strict definitions around what it was to be successful, having a corporate job, working my butt off, proving myself, making a lot of money and having security. There was no room in there for happiness, pleasure, joy, fulfillment. It was about coopting my experience for a paycheck and doing whatever it took to reach X number of figures.”

She did that thing, found herself working in Dubai, nose to the grindstone, making the big bucks, HATING IT, and feeling crazy burned out.

And then, in 2014, her brother suddenly died. 

“it just rocked me to my core because I realized in that moment that I was not equipped to process the grief or the emotion that came along with that kind of experience. And I did what I knew how to do, and I just buried it. And I got back to work, and I just kept trying to override that emotional experience. And I didn’t know at the time that I was really robbing myself of being able to honor my brother, honor our relationship, honor my feelings, and heal the things that I wasn’t able to say to him before he died.”

After leaving that job and moving to Sweden where her husband is from, she spent a lot of time alone, walking in the woods, connecting with nature—and she said, with something more. She wasn’t sure what.

She also listened to spiritual podcasts (when the student is ready the teacher appears, right?)

“In December 2018, I ended up listening to a podcast where someone was talking about this Oracle card reading course that they were offering at a beta level. I had taken a job as legal counsel at a software company here in Sweden, and it coincided with me signing up for this beta Oracle reading course. And more and more, as I got deeper and deeper into this Oracle card reading, I started being able to understand that it wasn’t just pictures on cards.”

She got hooked because of the way the pictures pulled up stories, memories, and ideas to use in her life. 

“At that time, I realized again with the corporate lawyer gig, with the in house counsel gig, that I was miserable there.”

In April of 2020 she quit that corporate job and hung out her shingle “to do this full time, to be a Tarot reader, psychic reader, psychic coach.”

About the idea of healing psychic wounds

We all have learned behaviors, or they’re learned coping mechanisms and especially with childhood trauma, that can limit us as adults.

This can lead to “denying our true experience, or denying the true depth of our experiences because we learn somewhere along the way, or we hold in our DNA, the trauma that it’s not safe to be fully us. It’s not safe to be fully expressedIt’s not safe to show up in the world in your way fully and we make ourselves small, or we hide ourselves, or we edit ourselves, or we alter energy to fit in.”

“Conformity is safety and non-conformity is either unsafe or it leads to abandonment, or it leads to a lack mindset, we might lose something.”

When we can delve into our learned negative behaviours then we get to the root of what we’re feeling, the route of who we really are and what’s been covering that up.

“that process is a healing process. We’re healing that programming. We’re telling ourselves you are worthy, just as you are. Worthy of being seen, worthy of being loved, worthy of being respected and listened to. We get to tell ourselves that and then show up more fully expressed as ourselves, we really heal. And then we can help those around us also heal.”

I asked Liz if she met with resistance or ridicule when she “came out” about her spirituality.

“I did meet with a lot of resistance. I was really scared of what my family would say because I grew up in a very strict Catholic upbringing where the afterlife or past lives or tarot or psychic powers were all viewed as sinful or forms of possession.”

On her last day of work, via Zoom meeting,

“I said to my team, I’m leaving to read Tarot cards on YouTube.” (That’s what she was doing at the time) It was dead silent for a few too many beats, and it felt like forever.

I knew people were Googling my name or seeing what would come up.

One of my colleagues found my website and he started reading the Google SEO tag line about healing through psychic readings and through Reiki healing. 

He read it out loud and everybody laughed. And he said, I think somebody messed with your SEO or something. And I just looked at him and I said, “Nope, that’s me.” In that moment my worst fear had just unfolded. I was being ridiculed. I just felt like, well, at least it happened to my face so I can answer him right back.”

And in that moment, saying that to this PhD software developer and feeling so empowered about it, I just thought, “to hell with it, I have to own this. This is what I really want to do.”

Much of the rest of our chat was about fear and how to unravel it when you have your own “coming out of the broom closet” moment.

“I find it so helpful in anything, not just spirituality, but with anything, is to have that community, to have other people who can validate your experience or who can even question you, but in a loving and respectful and constructive way instead of this doubtful judging way.”

“We hold around the fear of our own power, the fear of our own spirituality, because of these different periods in history where it wasn’t safe to dabble in Herbology, or to use crystals, or to read palms, or to even be a woman and read a book–which was heresy. And so there’s this collective grief and secrecy around exploring this wisdom or this part of ourselves.”

Are you ready to explore more of your true self?

Liz shared her one big concern when looking to join a group that might be your new community to explore spirituality or what it will look like to be fully expressed.

“My first red flag is if I’m looking through the comments on posts and I see a lot of unchecked judgment people saying that there’s a right or wrong way to do something Or, “You’re doing spirituality wrong.” If there’s knit picking going unchecked in a community, that lets me know that that the people who are Guardians of this community, administrators of it, are not finding that problematic or addressing that.

Look for non-judgmental spaces and look also for guides or Guardians of spaces who do give push back on very strict rules that are coming up or judgment that’s coming up from others because your spirituality is going to unfold exactly as you need it to.”

When we’re kids “we’re taught “I need to please others instead of listening to my inner knowing.” And this just compounds as we get older and older.

Liz offers a course called Get Psyched, a month long psychic development course.

“It’s not a typical psychic course where I’m going to teach you how we read a card and how we use a pendulum, how to read a palm. Instead, we start with understanding what barriers we’ve put up to our intuition, to our intuitive hits, to our psychic senses, and then start dismantling those in a safe way to see how much we’re already perceiving the world around us through our own intuition.”

If you’d like a reading or coaching with the Fem Genius herself, head over to this page to learn more and get booked: https://www.lizzamorski.com/work-with-me

Boost your energy with music: 

Her suggestions: Whitney Houston’s Dance With Somebody

Bill Withers Lovely Day

Some days for me it’s cello. Pump me up cello 2Cellos do Thunderstruck

Or classic Bach played by Yo Yo Ma

Her sitehttps://www.lizzamorski.com

Her YouTube channel where you can subscribe for her readings for your astrological sign, teachings, card readings. She even has playlists for the elements, like water signs or fire signs. 

I’m about to have a reading with her this week. Will share the goodness once I process over here on my blogand on IG.



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