Episode 33: Think UnBroken, Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma

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About Our Guest:

My guest today is Michael Unbroken.

Michael is a coach and mentor to those who have been victims of childhood (or later) trauma. He has as many certifications as is possible in his field and his many testimonials are proof that he is the real deal.

“I don’t consider myself an abuse survivor coach as much a Trauma Warrior Mentor. I don’t work with victims. I help mold heroes out of the ashes of tragedy. “

His mantra — Though Trauma May Be Our Foundation It Is NOT Our Future!

The best thing I can do here in the notes section is put Michael’s mission on the page, verbatim. I encourage you to listen to his story (or read it in the transcript) to get a sense of all that he has overcome. It is painful to say the least but shows that taking back your life is possible, no matter how cruel and punishing the circumstances or story of origin.

Here’s Michael:

“I didn’t sign up to be the spokesman for survivors of child abuse. In fact, this job sucks. I mean that. 

“The truth is that the universe chose me for this role. I have been gifted the ability to navigate the most harsh and vicious child abuse to come out on the other side seemingly whole. I say seemingly because there will always be a part of me that was stolen. I cannot get that back. None of the rage, drugs, sex, rock n’ roll, or anger will give me that thing that was stolen.

The world is both beautiful and brutal and I have seen the best and the worst of it. I know that the abuse I suffered has given me an undeniable strength that I was only able to tap into after falling face first into complete darkness. 

There is truth in understanding that Mindset is Everything. There are no shortcuts, trust me I’ve tried them all. There is hard work and on the backside of that is getting your life back.

Think Unbroken is about sharing the tools and skills I have created and leveraged over a lifetime to help other people break free of The Vortex and become the person that they know they are capable of being. If I can do it then anyone can.

After my “Mirror Moment” I created the life I wanted through self-actualization and mindset training. It’s taken my entire life to get to the place I am today.

Michael teaches, mentors, and coaches others who are suffering from any unresolved trauma. Your story need not be as severe as his. But your new life can be as happy and healthy as his is today.


Michael’s Self-Love course

His 6-week coaching program


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