Episode 35: Your Hair Care Products Could be Making You Sick

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About Our Guest:

How we feel about our hair has enormous power over how we feel about ourselves. #preach

Our hair thins for various reasons throughout our lives, but menopause can trigger it big time. I wanted answers to questions like:

  •             What can we do to break the cycle?
  •             Is coloring our hair really all that bad for us?
  •             How do we nourish what we’ve got so it looks fabulous?

My guest, Natalie Palamino, answered those questions and more.

Natalie is a Master Stylist, Clean Hair Care Expert and Founder of North Authentic, a conscious hair care company.

She used her B.S. in Finance, JD/MA, and 12 years behind the chair as a hairstylist, hair salon owner and educator focused on clean products to start her company, North Authentic.

Why start an online company when life as a stylist is good?

She was diagnosed with Hashimotos and witnessed numerous clients and friends also diagnosed with similar thyroid/endocrine issues. So she had to find out what these cases had in common. 

Her investigation pointed her to the thousands of toxic chemicals in household and beauty products. 

As a hair care expert who knew first- hand how many chemicals there are in hair care products—and how little attention was paid to this situation– she founded North Authentic, a conscious hair care-focused retailer that not only vets every product against their Barred Ingredient list, but also tests them for performance. 

Natalie’s belief is that “just because it’s clean, doesn’t mean it works.” 

Who knew that our scalp absorbs more of what we put on it than the skin on our arms? And maybe it’s just me but why then don’t we look for clean products to clean our heads (Hair) with? Ok, most of you may already be doing that. I thought I was until I saw Natalie’s Hair Crimes list. The list is comprised of the dirty nasty chemicals that can be found in even those products that market themselves as “clean.”

More enlightenment came in the form of our discussing what kinds of products one should have in their arsenal. I’m not the 9 products for my face kind of gal so I likely won’t do that for my mane, but some things make sense. Like a scalp mask or treatment to unclog pores and nourish the bed of follicles from which said hair sprouts. I mask my face so why not my head?

In order to help us aging babes know what products would be best for our hair type and concerns, Natalie created a quiz. (There isn’t a direct link to it but head to the home page, at the top of the header, under the address bar you’ll find a “Take Quiz” link.)

Just so you don’t think she recommends brands who pay her to do so…

Natalie and North Authentic are not committed to any one brand. They are committed to their clients. The Quiz recommends a hair care regimen made up of products spanning across its 14+ hair care brands based on what each client needs. 

Anything we didn’t cover during our convo you can probably find at the blog.

Her site: https://shopnorthauthentic.com





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