Episode 4: Everything is Food

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Everything is FoodEvery thought we think and bite we take feeds us well or ill.

Did you know that your thoughts, what media you consume, and what comestible food you eat all cause many of the same chemicals to be released in your body?

If you listen for food metaphors in your day to day conversations, podcasts, even the books you read, you’ll realize we associate food and feeding with every aspect of life. The significance of this is, everything is then food.

You “consume” information and information can “consume” your psyche good or bad.

Our legs turn to jelly, he or she is a rotten apple, her office needs to be spiced up. Food and feelings are unconsciously tied.

Knowing this means we can bring awareness to what we are consuming literally and figuratively and make sure that our choices feed us well for the moment and for our years to come.


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