Episode 40: How to Retrain Your Brain to Free You from Brain Fog, Pain, and More

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About Our Guest:

At age 25, Ben Ahrens, a semi-professional surfer, became bedridden for over 3 years with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. Before that, he lived and promoted a healthy, active lifestyle as a trainer and an athlete. 

Despite his best efforts and conventional medical treatment, Ben found himself truly stuck, unable to get better. Then he came across neuroplasticity.

What’s a young guy doing on this podcast talking to us seasoned women about the brain?

Giving hope to anyone who struggles with brain fog, chronic pain, anxiety, and other symptom that robs them of a full experience of life.

There’s a great explanation of neuroplasticity on Ben’s site: https://re-origin.com/what-is-neuroplasticity/

Neuroplasticity, says Ben, “is a two-fold process where old neuropathways can be pruned away and new ones can be formed.” [00:01:53]

How habits—conscious and unconscious ones–figure into the concept of neuroplasticity [00:02:34]

Ben’s story starts here: [00:04:24]

Why some people have allergic responses while others don’t [00:07:38] More on this and why eliminating the trigger or stressor is only one step on the path to healing the response.

A favorite quote from Einstein: “It’s not about finding a solution but undoing the basis of the problem.” This is a perfect representation of what Ben’s course does.

Ben’s recovery from bedridden, stuck, nothing works not even years of anti-biotic treatments, began with one breath. [00:12:31] 

Victor Frankl says that “between stimulus and response, there’s a space.” Ben learned that  “if we can get in that space and choose a new response, and all we need is a split second, then we can actually start to retrain the brain.”

Learn about Ben’s 3-step process here: [00:15:08]

I love this from Ben: “Every time you do this little thing or do something different than you previously have, it’s like casting a vote for the new person that you are.

And we can be new in any moment, no waiting.

How can this help a midlife and older woman?

“Neuroplasticity does not distinguish or discriminate between age or gender or really anything or condition. The brain and every individual is absolutely primed for adaptation and for change at any age.”

“The thing about the neuro-plasticity training that we do is that it’s really about systematically just identifying these negative neural feedback loops that are taking place and then removing them. So that health, which I really view as the natural state, can resume. With this type of approach, really what we’re doing here is restoring self-management, restoring that feeling like you again.

Here is where you will find a (long) list of conditions people have resolved, gotten relief from by using this brain retraining program, 

Ben on retraining the brain to eliminate brain fog [00:26:08]

“I think this is kind of the through line of this conversation here and something that’s so fundamental to human beings is that our natural state is to be calm, it’s to be happy, it’s to be healthy, clarity of thought, clarity of mind. And what will allow for those conditions to flourish is the elimination of these old pathways that have been pulling us off path, what we call these old negative loops or vicious cycles.”

It might sound so simple as to be mistrusted but thousands of men and women have benefitted from Re-Origin and returned to feeling like themselves so they can enjoy life on their terms.

Ben mentioned Antifragile, Things that gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Ben’s site

Information page for the program


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