Episode 41: Surviving on Caffeine, Wine, and Willpower? How to Thrive Instead

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About Our Guest:

This is my guest, Dr. Susan Lovelle, in a nutshell, “I love the challenge of working with busy, successful women who are merely surviving on caffeine, wine, and willpower. Those who diet and exercise but can’t lose weight, who are exhausted but can’t sleep, and are consumed by doing everything for everyone else…except themselves.”

You already know why I’d want her on the show—too many of us are living this way. And it’s not the fast path to a healthy long life y’all.

Dr. Lovelle is here to teach us how to thrive, not just survive.

She worked as a plastic surgeon for over 22 years and loved almost every moment. Eventually, Susan realized that working only on the outside wasn’t enough.

Her practice, Premiere Wellness was born.

Susan told the story of a male liposuction patient who gained a good bit of weight after the surgery. Find out why and why you can remove a fat cell but you can’t keep the remaining ones from expanding. [00:04:23]

Her work with clients now is based on her 4 quadrants.

• Eat elite
• Move more (This is #5 in my Power of 5 email program)
• Live wisely
• Love Divinely

Prescription pad medicine is not in our best interest. We talked about docs prescribing meds for everything from not sleeping to menopause.

“Got an ill, take a pill.” She says jokingly.

The conversation moved into hormone replacement. What’s safe and what to stay away from [00:16:16]

And then to testing vs guessing about what’s going on. If you’d like to get a read on where you are on the healthy aging highway, check out my Power of 5 lifestyle assessment. [00:23:30] It’s test don’t guess without the needles.

(Though I might recommend you get that kind of testing, depending.)

“I’m realizing now that I can do that same kind of transformation only from the inside out. Which is fabulous because not everybody can afford plastic surgery, nor would they want.
Diabetes for life? No way says Dr. Susan. [00:24:52]

“It’s amazing how fast you can turn things around once, you know how to do that. And it doesn’t take long, a couple of months you can literally flip someone from type two diabetes to being, you know, non-diabetic and not needing the medication anymore.”

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