Episode 42: You Are an Energy Body with a Soul Battery

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About Our Guest:

Former classical musician, journalist in the world of gaming, actor, and now energy healer and teacher, Alx Uttermann now teaches radical self-care on a global scale.

Raised by a surgeon and a nurse, has a special concern for medical professionals and frontline workers.

Our conversation began on the topic of energy healing and how we are energy beings as well as walking bones and guts.

Alx learned her healing techniques while living in India and studying under a saint.

“The energy system that we have in our body is also part and parcel of our body. You can’t extricate the two from each other.”

So why does this matter in the realm of self-care?

“Human beings energetically on a subtle level, are like semipermeable membranes. That’s to say we’re porous with other people we absorb and exchange energy with other people all the time, whether we’re consciously aware of that or not.”

This means we absorb the emotions, good or bad, of others. Sometimes what seems like a good thing, like we lovingly listen to a friend or co-worker complain about a spouse or boss til they are emptied and feel better, we often walk away feeling drained. 

“The more open our heart is the more, we’re like a big sponge absorbing, even more of people’s stuff.”

[00:08:34] Enough of that, it builds up, builds up, builds up, and then you see anxiety, depression, insomnia, body pains, headaches, neck aches, compulsive thinking.

The positive charges, music that moves you to tears, dance, art, nature; these are things we want to keep in our energy systems.

So how do we get rid of the negative and keep the positive? 

[00:10:19] “Negative charges, if someone yells at us, an argument, stressful, traumatic things happen, or we hear someone else’s stressful, traumatic things. Those will stay in our, let’s call it soul battery for lack of a better word.

[00:10:44] Those will stay in us until we can get those negative charges out of that battery. Let’s say, de-charging, these are the techniques that I learned in India to pull the negative charges out effectively, give them back. But keeping the positive charges in our system at the same time.”

In order to not give already stressed out people one more thing to add to the to do list she structures her techniques so we can do them while at work or anywhere.

There are two series of trainings. One is for de-charging and the other is for the integrative meditation.

De-charging is a technique for releasing those negative charges of energy that we hold on to without realizing.

These techniques are for everyday annoyances too, like a persistent leaky faucet or barking dog. 

[00:33:40] Negative self talk.

Where did the initial negative thought come from?

[00:34:18] “Was it a teacher? Was it another kid? Was it an older sibling somewhere? If you go back in yourself, you’ll see, there was an initial input to the battery inside. A charge of negativity that was put into us and we accepted it. And now we’re just replaying it over and over and over again.”

GAC: “Whether or not we want longevity, the fact is, most of us will live longer than we expect. [00:36:31] These internal processes are equally important as any of the exercises and the [00:36:40] good food and all that other fancy stuff that we hopefully have made habits for ourselves already. So yeah, as a holistic being, we need to take care of all of us, and that includes the energetic.”

Point is do what you can to get rid of excess stress and negative charges. Alx’s techniques might be one tool that you find helpful.

Her site is The Energetics of Self Care

We also spoke about:

Alx’s organization UCBK The Universal Church of Baba’s Kitchen. Here she and her partners teach the healing systems to those who want to use them in their lives with maybe clients or in their work life as well as doing personal healing sessions.

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