Episode 43: Pain-Free Living is Possible, Science Proves It

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About Our Guest:

When you know there’s something wrong but medical tests and Western med docs can’t find it, you need Debora Wayne.

She is the founder and CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute, an internationally recognized energy healer and pain release specialist. 

So many people suffer needlessly because Western medicine is just beginning—albeit mostly behind closed doors—to recognize the concept of energy medicine.

Debora has degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Chemical Dependency Counseling and has been practicing and teaching the Art of Meditation for 30 years. Add to this certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and the creator of The High Speed Healing method and you’ve got an expert in energy medicine and healing.

Her journey began with her own health issues and it took her years of trying everything—30 different healing modalities, Ben & Jerrys and Jack Daniels, and plenty of pills along the way.

Debora works with our Biofield so let’s start with what the Biofield is. If you geek out on science, read this article from the NIH. And here is Debora’s simpler explanation.

“The biofield is an actual field of energy and information. This term the biofield was coined by the National Institute of Health in 1992. It is biofield is a field of energy and light and information that surrounds your body. The body is a field, but it becomes more subtle as it extends out beyond the skin where you can’t see it with the naked eye, at least most people can’t. The invisible energy field is actually more real than the physical and it’s the precursor to the physical.

It can be measured by very sensitive devices. If you’ve had or heard of thermography, (some women use this diagnostic to avoid radiation from mammograms)  you’ve got an idea of what Debora is referring to.

Chronic pain can take the form of an emotional pain, depression, addiction, food disorders. 

Debora made a really good point about the kinds of diagnostics we are most familiar with, like blood work or an MRI vs her kind of energy medicine, “All these tests, they’re measuring the here and now, but the body can change like that. If you were to take all of these tests on different days, you would probably get different results. And this—her reading– is more accurate because it shows the more subtle level of what has not shown up yet.”

What affects “the field?” (Our energy field and the whole field we live in)

Pretty much everything. It’s why I say everything is food. Or thoughts, emotions, environment, other people—everything affects our health and ability to heal.

Our emotions are the precursor to every choice we made. And then the choices we make that we rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, become a habit. The habits become patterns and our lives are made of these patterns.

Where does chronic pain begin? It’s a pattern it’s repeating, repeating, repeating, and someone’s stuck in a loop. And not just chronic pain but the symptoms of aging—fatigue, loss of stamina, lack of interest in our usual activities.”

No matter whether you are trying to quit smoking, eating something, scrolling for hours on social, or looking for relief from some kind of pain, the people who finally quit are the people that never quit quitting.

And for the skeptics in the room, “What’s so fantastic about this. It requires zero belief in anything. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work. There’s no dogma. It’s not religious it’s based on physics, but you don’t even have to understand physics.”

Debora has a few ways to experience her healing method. You can head to her website, Find Debora here, and sign up for her introductory, free call which includes healing. She also has classes, a community for ongoing support, and one on one virtual sessions.

You can also opt-in for a copy of her ebook, Why Do I Still Hurt?

Hundreds of testimonials Her testimonials are off the charts convincing.

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