Episode 45: How to Do Online Dating so it’s Fun, Successful, and Safe

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About Our Guest:

If online dating sounds scary or you have tried it and not had any fun–nor have you found someone you want to spend more time with — my guest, Lisa Copeland, is here to make it all better.

She’s an online dating coach specifically for women over 50.

After struggling to find a partner or a coach who could help her figure out the dating scene (they were all way younger than her 50 years so what could they know about the concerns and resistance a 50 year old woman experiences?) then spending a year or so figuring it out for herself and having a blast dating, she made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her professional life to helping other women over 50 be able to stop struggling with dating and instead find and meet quality men in record time.

She pointed to the biggest mistake women make when looking for a new partner — looking for “their type.” Lisa says, “you’re looking for your type, the same type you’ve always dated, but if your type worked you would be with him.”

If you have just come out a long term relationship, no dating until you are healed and sure of what you want next time.

You have to learn how men work. And that doesn’t include giving up your independence, reverting to a Donna Reed avatar, or trying to be something you aren’t just to impress.

That said, men like to do things for women and for some women who have been doing it all on their own for years, that takes practice.

It’s very important to write an honest profile and who up as who you are.

About the pictures…

Get a good photo of you, put on some makeup, wear clothes that make you feel good! And no pics of the grandkids. Don’t forget to smile.

When you arrange that date, go with the idea that it will be fun not drugery. Be open and be interesting by asking interesting, conversation provoking questions rather than, “Where did you say you’re from?” or “How many children do you have?”

If you’ve tried online dating and not had success, don’t give up, you might just be missing some of the foundational pieces.

You can learn them in Lisa’s ebook, 5 Little Known Secrets for Finding a Quality Man.

You’ve likely heard a story about or know a woman who was swindled by someone they met on an online dating site. Lisa shared ways to stay safe.

  • No more than 2 or 3 calls before a meeting
  • Don’t spend hours on the phone with them until you know they are legit
  • Don’t offer to pay for anything no matter how tragic the story sounds

She goes more into on the podcast.

We also talked about how many sites to get on, free sites vs paid, mindset, not body shaming yourself, and more.

You can find Lisa on IG, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Lisa has lots of testimonials from women who have worked with her one on one or taking an online course. If you’re in the market for a friend, partner, lover, or other, Lisa can help make the process enjoyable and give you a better chance of success.


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