Episode 47: Moving Energy, Spiritual Fitness, and Personal Power Presence

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About Our Guest:

Vicki Dello Joio’s life is an expression of her many selves; actor, facilitator, speaker, speaker trainer, Qi Gong and Tai Chi teacher. She has trained in all of those arenas with Master teachers. With her diverse background, Vicki has developed unique teaching methods that empower people to focus their energy with increased awareness, transforming obstacles into opportunities and enhancing their creative potential. 

Our conversation began offline talking about helping women over 50 retain and live through their essense and communicate from their power–even when they feel diminished by society.

Qi is the word for energy or life force. Qi Gong is a practice of moving energy. When we learn to harness our personal energy that’s when we can communicate from a place of power.

I really believe that women who have gone through what many of us have gone through, how we’ve adapted to our lives in different ways, as we get older, there’s a lot of wisdom there.

So for me, the bottom line is energy. There’s energy, both in terms of what you’ve experienced and then there’s energy in the stories that you tell.

There’s an element that in Qi Gong and that’s called Wei Qi and it means basically outer energy in Chinese medicine.

It’s what keeps you healthy from pathogens and allergens and those kinds of things. Another way to look at Wei Qi is the energy that you’re putting out. 

Vicki introduced us to Powerful Non-Defensive Communication. (She is a master trainer for this work) It boils down to this: How do you speak from a place where you don’t have to be defended, which is basically not feeling safe, to a place where you’re so grounded in yourself, stimulus or self doubts kind of fall off the edge.

 In Chinese medicine, every disease comes down to stagnation, whether it’s emotional, mental, physical. Similarly, in Western medicine many diseases boil down to microcirculation–how blood moves through the body. Of course in Westerm med, energy is generally “moved” by prescriptions and procedures. Moving energy via Qi Gong, accupuncture, and other non-invasive, energy based methods can heal without side effects.

What is spiritual fitness: “for me, spiritual fitness is alignment of all three, our wisdom, our sense of joy and love and connection, interconnection, and our sense of health and our sense of being able to really manifest and create what we want to our own sense of empowerment.

Being able to take steps in the path that we want, that we’re choosing to walk. Spiritual fitness is all 3 of those in alignment. 

My new mantra is to live in curiousity and exploration.

One thing I want to mention. Vicki teaches speakers how to be better from message to story to presence. Check out her site and watch her in action. She might be the speaker coach you’ve been looking for.

Vicki’s website

Living Arts Playback Theater

Powerful Non-Defensive Communication


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