Episode 5: Lifestyle Strategies for Optimal Health — and Good Looks!

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Food is more powerful than most people believe and we discuss how you can change your life and your health, one bite at a time.

If we ate what our great grandparents ate, we would simplify the food thing.

Kristen endured an entire decade of soul sucking events, cancer–hers and her mother’s, Alzheimer’s her dad’s–marriage challenges, overwork, under caring for herself, more wine, more coffee, feelings of hopelessness. She woke up one day to the realization that, “If I continue to live like this, I will die and it will not be pretty.”

That morning she began her journey to a new and healthier life and her business, TheCulinaryCure.Com. because she knew she was not alone in her struggles.

Sleep is when spinal fluid comes up and does a power wash on the brain and it helps our brains detox. It helps solidify memories, just it helps the organs repair and restore themselves.


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