Episode 57: Fascia, Face Lifts, and The Bendable Body Stretching Method

According to my guests, John and Sita, founders of The Bendable Method, fascia is little understood and definitely under appreciated.

Their method,

“is a specialized form of resistance stretching that works on the fascia along the energetic meridian lines that influence every aspect of your health.

The Bendable Body Method facilitates healing on multiple levels — biomechanical, physiological, emotional and energetic — enabling you to enjoy a life without pain or stiffness.

Theirs is not the stuff of foam rolling or FasciaBlaster. It’s not the kind of stretching you see runners do after a race or that we are encouraged to do after a bike ride, stretch those hamstrings. There is usually little to no resistance when doing that kind of stretching so no fascia involved.

Back to the Bendables.

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Not even sure what fascia is? Fascia is connective tissue. It surrounds every single muscle fiber. It also penetrates into organs and bones and throughout the whole system, the whole human system.

“When it’s healthy, it’s like a translucent watery, like collegen figure. But over time it doesn’t look like that. It looks hard and matted and dried.”

This is when we begin to feel negative effects like stiffness, crooked spines, ill health anywhere in the body really.

This system uses the concept of meridians in Chinese medicine to identify where in the body a problem originates and then where to stretch to allow healing. Did you know your iliotibial band, ( IT band) affects the gallbladder?

Many other things as well including crooked spines and an off kilter pelvis. (Which many people have)

What does all this have to do with facelifts? Believe it or not, in John and Sita’s membership group they have what they call a “facelift flow.”

“It’s a series of stretches that focus on the meridians that go into the face to raise the cheekbones, to get rid of the crow’s feet, to create more symmetry. When you do these stretches, you will feel your face relax, and you’ll feel that fascial meridian connection.”

Got scoliosis? Most likely that’s a hamstring issue, as are most spine problems. And that IT band again.

John, Sita, and many of their clients have given up their former workout routines to do this resistance stretching. Not that you have to but it’s a workout that builds strength and muscle. It can be aerobic. And if you do want to continue to run, spin, pump iron, etc, go for it. You’ll find you are stronger and have less pain and stiffness afterwards.

This isn’t just physically healing. Many people have had personal breakthroughs once they were out of pain, or it released something that they were holding on to.

There is so much goodness in this conversation. And their people are us.

Sita said, “between the ages of 50 I’ll even say like 60 onward. It’s a really underappreciated, undervalued, under-used part of our population.

And they that’s our community and they’re our biggest fans. And. We just love them. I mean, we feel just as supported by them as they do us.”

Sounds like a great group to belong to.

There’s a webinar on their site which explains it all, it’s free.

There are videos on their YouTube channel, you can find them on IG, and Facebook.

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