Episode 63: Single Again After 50 – Expert Series

Kelli Nelson planned on living the happily ever after kind of life. But at 50 she found herself divorced. She told me, “until after my marriage ended, which was six months before my 50th birthday, I realized I had no retirement, no future, no anything to look forward to because I had wrapped it all up in I’m gonna be married happily ever after.”

She’s not the only woman this has happened to and she knew she had to do what she could to help other women navigate the unexpected occurrences that knock us on our you-know-whats.

So she gathered 20+ experts – myself included – to teach women about the many subjects she wishes she’d have had guidance around:

  • Health and wellness
  • Finances
  • Self Esteem
  • Love and dating
  • Getting past the blocks that hold you back from trying new things
  • Rebuilding your life to suit you

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Also, having successfully navigated her divorce and has rebuilt her life to reflect her dreams and possibility she created a program called Life By Design. Kelli says, “when you’re living by design, you’re literally doing everything with an intention of what you want the outcome to be.”

Intention is a powerful creation tool.

You can join the summit by heading to this page. It’s a free event and if you want to hear the speaker’s you’ve missed, there is a replay of the whole summit over the weekend of August 5 – 7.

The summit live started July 20th and runs through August 2. My session will be live for 24 hours starting on July 31.

Kelli’s final words were: “Don’t wait, don’t ignore your dreams or let fear keep you from exploring what’s out there for you.”

Good advice indeed.

Learn more about Kelli at her website.

She’s got a cool quiz there to see how your lifestyle stands up to your vision.

Some of her other guests include,

Susan Bratton Sex coach with a wicked sense of humor

Star Monroe Bold, audacious psychotherapist coach

Kira Gould The “getting unmarried” (aka divorce) coach

And there are 17 more great conversations waiting for you when you sign up.


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