Episode 65: Power Up Your Sobriety with CBD

What if CBD could play a role in helping people get and stay sober?

And not only get sober by curbing addictive cravings, but help them once they’re in sobriety with depression, anxiety, and mood issues.

Today’s guest, Thomas White believes it does and he has the science to prove it as well as a large volume of testimonials.

His company, Exact Nature, focuses on helping people with addiction, overuse issues, and those who are sober curious.

Before I go any further I want to mention that Thomas has offered my listeners a 20% discount—For as long as you use the product! This is not a one-time offer. (I am not an affiliate btw) Use code RW20 at checkout and it will deduct 20%. Here’s the store.

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Thomas started this company after learning about the benefits of CBD for people with depression and anxiety. He is 13 years sober and as he put it, 

“When my active addiction moved out, depression moved in.”

CBD has been a lifeline for him and his son, a partner in the business and also in recovery. 

I was heartened to learn that “the FDA has approved CBD. They’re looking into it and they’ve approved clinical trials for CBD to use as an ingestible to help with people that suffer from opioid addictions.”

And one reason the FDA has been willing to go along with this is because they are seeing firsthand the positive results that come that come from this.

Always look for full spectrum CBD. Thomas explained why.

“Full spectrum CBD is what I always recommend because CBD and all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that go with it, create something or produce something called the entourage effect. So to remove that as does CBD isolate, you eliminate the chance for all of these very positive productive synergistic interactions with the body.

I specifically wanted to know if these products would support someone looking to cut back on drinking or take a break from it. He has plenty of testimonials that the answer is yes.

“If you’re sober curious, then yes, these products will definitely help, but there are very few people that these products will not help. There is no downside to using these products. They just put your body back in balance. And everybody’s endocannabinoids system gets a bit depleted.”

One thing that sets these folks apart from the many CBD companies is their commitment to helping people. Thomas personally writes customers, answers questions by phone if that’s the best way to do it, and they offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on all of their products.

Our conversation got personal and left me feeling enlightened and hopeful for the future of addiction treatment. And that humans like Thomas and his son, Daniel, are providing products and personal and confidential support to their customers.

Don’t forget the 20% off deal Thomas is offering listeners. Code RW20 will get it done.

They’ve got a ton of great resources on their site here.

Insta where you will find links to articles and such 



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