Episode 7: Vedic Astrology and Your Health — Mind and Body

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Vedic astrology is the astrology of India. Prema and I talked about how this ancient Indian science can be used to support us on our journey physically, mentally and spiritually.

There’s no one time of life that we feel more drawn to get readings or explore our personalities, what makes us tick, but midlife is certainly a time when women especially begin to look inward after decades of being outward focused.

Relationships, habits, our health, our belief systems–everything is subject to examination in search of what fulfills us, what will fulfill us in the years to come. Often we need help sorting through.

Vedic astrology recognizes the physical body and all of its organs and systems within certain houses. If you’ve heard of Ayurveda–which is a western word that translates to “the science of life”–then you have had a glimpse into this bigger picture of the vedas.

Think of the information you get from a vedic astrology reading as keeping you appraised of the spiritual weather ahead for you. This allows you to prepare for shifts in energy. Since we are all energy we are all affected by the prevailing energy. Even skeptics now cite mercury retrogrades as the devil in their tech and their lives.

In addition, this ancient science gives you a bigger picture of your gifts and your shadows. Knowing both of these things–not just your gifts but your shadows–means you have more to work with when finding fulfillment or changing habits.

You’ll find out more as you listen in to my conversation with Prema Lee Gurreri, spiritual and business coach, vedic astrologer with 25 years experience, and owner of Soulutionary. Learn more about Prema’s Sacred Wealth Code Readings here.


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