Episode 71: Today’s Grandmas are Unapologetically Themselves

Are you a grandma? Fifty is old enough to have that title. By sixty many women will be lucky enough to join to club. I became a grandma-or Gigi as my grandson calls me — in 2021.

Like my guest, Marsha McLean, founder of Grandmas 2.0, I was not ready for that.

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Welcoming a wee one into the family was not the issue. The connotation that comes with the title grandma was.

As Marsha says, “In the past, “Grandma” conjured up images of old and decrepitude. Today’s grandmas are more “Glam-Ma” and brings to mind confidence and style.”

Not only that but we aren’t living to babysit though that’s a fun option now and then. We are working, traveling, working out, dining out, and enjoying our lives in ways we enjoy.

At fifty, many women today are reevaluating their roles as kids fly the coop.

They, you, may want to redefine who are for people and how you spend your days.

Marsha says it’s time to redefine your ideas about what it means to be a grandma.

As the eldest of six kids she stepped into a planning and leadership role early on. Couple that with a crush on Diana Ross and a passion for fashion and what you get is a confident, professional woman with style.

And she’s on a mission to help other grandmas redefine, realign, and redesign their lives. This includes their mental and physical health, being fashionable, and feeling beautiful inside and out. She also helps women get financially and technologically fit.

We talked about the way our names help shape who we become and how today’s grandmas have so much they still want to do but can be held back by society’s expectations of midlife and older women and what we heard and saw growing up.

Whether you’re a grandma or not this conversation is a good start if you need to redefine yourself and how you express all of you in your next chapter.

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