Episode 73: Entrepreneurs: What it Takes to Have a Successful Brand

You might say this is a departure for this podcast, for me as Rebellious Wellness. You have a point. Here’s why I had Mary Henderson, international personal branding and digital business specialist, as a guest.

Many of my people are women entrepreneurs at Be More Marketable and here. Of the many, a good percentage of them are second careerers or looking to get into their own business.

Another piece of Mary’s work that I think is important for listeners, business owners, or not, is the idea of core identity.

“What I have found with women over the age of 50 is that even though we’re at that point in our life where it’s like, ‘screw everybody, I don’t care. I could be unapologetically myself.’ That the reality is that women aren’t unapologetically themselves.”

What holds them back is their core identity. The part of them, us, that keeps us in fear or “I’m not good enough, see it’s not working” and backing down or not doing what it takes to succeed.

“The identity is that a much younger version of me that’s holding onto beliefs and behaviors around one or two areas of my life where I feel powerless and helpless. Once we can see that we are powerless and helpless in one or two areas of our life. And typically, it’s around love and money. We know that’s a clue to say that we have an identity that is showing up as that lesser version of, smaller version of ourselves.”

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We both agree that to take on starting or growing a business, running for town council, learning to do stand up, the most successful women are really interested in their personal growth as well as the skills that new thing will take.

Without working on yourself, ourselves, that core identity will show up again and again. Another form of self-sabotage.

Mary has a process to work you through that core identity and it involves radical truth telling no matter how ugly it gets. (As do I when I coach women on their health.)

We have been groomed to work in the masculine and how important it is to balance do, do, do with come from the heart and let that show up. We need both aspects of us to be seen and become successful.

Why a side hustle isn’t a business and why DIYing your way into a business or other skill set isn’t going to result in great success. It will also take way longer.

Mary’s final thoughts, “I want people to know that they are sitting on a gold mine and that gold mine is a collective of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Your life experience is the true currency, not dollars in your bank. Not gold, not silver. The true currency is your internal inventory. Once we can see that as currency, it’s a game changer because you, it never depreciates, it never leaves you.”

Here’s Mary’s website.

Apply for a 45-minute coaching call with her and get a full gap analysis so you need to know what you need to focus on right now in order to reach your goals.

Check out Mary’s podcast to learn more about her philosophy and strategy.

Mary is very active on LinkedIn.



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