Episode 75: Taking the Fear Out of BHRT So You Can Feel Better

Dr. Michael Green loves delivering babies!

So why is he appearing on a podcast for over 50 women? Because his second passion is helping women feel better, feel like themselves so they can enjoy the second half of life.

He is the head of clinical operations at ByWinona.com, whose mission is “To create a world where the second half of life is even better than the first.”

He’s also a full time OB-GYN, still bringing those babies into the world.

The co-founder, Nancy Belcher, PhD, struggled during her own menopause journey and was reluctant to try hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to outdated science of the Women’s Health Initiative. Because of this old information, like so many women, she suffered unnecessarily for far too long. Today, Nancy is focused on reassuring women on the safety of HRT to help relieve menopause symptoms and prevent diseases associated with decreased levels of hormones.

So she started an online company to make getting educated about and prescriptions for HRT easy and convenient.

Michael and I discussed:

  • The Women’s Health Initiative Study, the source of much of the erroneous information on bioidentical hormone therapy.
  • Who is a good candidate for BHRT —

“For appropriately screened patients that start hormone replacement therapy before the age of 60, they actually have a decreased risk of cardiovascular events. Women that start hormone replacement therapy before 60 that are appropriate candidates on average will live longer and live healthier lives than women that have never been on hormone replacement therapy.”

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Why 60?

Dr.Green says it relates to the risk of heart disease which goes up as we age but that he believes a doctor should work with the individual woman. 60 isn’t a magic number and if a woman is healthy and wants to try HRT, he would prescribe it.

ByWinona.com may be an online company but it is staffed by board certified OB-GYNs and general practice docs. When you fill in the initial questionnaire your answers go to one of these docs not bots.

The beauty of using a company like ByWinona, aside from their integrity and high standards, is convenience. No waiting for the doc appointment, waiting in the office, waiting for the script to be filled—if you can even get a prescription. So few docs have been educated about HRT and dismiss the idea as, once again using outdated science, dangerous.

Or they may just think, “This is what happens at your age.” I’ve even heard of women being prescribed anti-depressants to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms. #Notright

We talked all about the importance of estrogen for our long-term health. Progesterone for sleep and as a balance to supplemental estrogen. And DHEA which is a supplement that boosts testosterone.

Getting started with ByWinona is super simple. Start here on their site follow the prompts, and you’ll be hearing from one of their docs in no time.

If you aren’t ready to dive in to using HRT just yet, they have lots of great information on their site and host webinars to educate and dispel the old news that keeps so many women from experiencing life the way it once was or better cause now we’re older and wiser.

For tons of video testimonials check out their TikTok account

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