Episode 76: This Unique Yoga Practice is a Joint Renewal System

According to my guest, Kathy White, Yoga not just another physical activity like Pilates or going to the gym. And it’s not just for the flexible, young, and fit among us.

If you’ve tried traditional yoga practices like hatha, hot, or vinyasa but felt the poses were too strenuous or complex, stay with us.

Kathy calls her unique blend of yoga styles, a joint renewal system and her goal is to help women rediscover flexibility and relief from joint pain.

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Why so much pain as we age anyway?

“By the time we reach our fifties and beyond have compensatory patterns to avoid pain. Part of our recovery process from a lifetime of large or small injuries is that we compensate. We never really discover the source of our pain because docs and physios will treat what we tell them hurts.

In the practice I teach, and the joint renewal is we treat every joint, we get you into your joints into your body, and who knows what that knee is gonna say to the hip, you know, it’s like knee bone connected to the thigh bone. It’s all connected and as you move one piece, the others all realign.”

What I love about Kathy’s yoga is that she’s democratizing it. 

“This is yoga for people who hate yoga. I’ve had people say, Is that yoga that we just did? Because what we are basically doing in the practice is, Breaking the postures, those very complicated postures that you see on the Instagram feeds and yoga books is we’re breaking those down to the component pieces because most people, especially as we age don’t have the agility, strength, or level of suppleness in their joints to be able to achieve.”

We talked about “comfort culture” which is a good thing—every aspect of life has been made more comfortable. Beds, cars with cameras so you don’t have to turn around, couches, etc. and how this contributes to pain.

Also, the importance of moving every joint and muscle. Our routines include the kinds of movement we get, what exercise we do (or don’t do). If we sit at a desk then get on a stationary bike chances are we are not moving our upper body, feet or ankles. When was the last time you worked your hands outside of typing and cooking? 

Every joint needs a gentle workout every day. 

Kathy’s website is here and this is where you can sign up for her Joint Renewal Guide. It includes the secrets to flexible joints and videos so you can practice a few of Kathy’s unique exercises.

She has a membership community which is really reasonable and features one live class monthly on Zoom, audio recordings, and practice plans. 

She’s on Instagram

You can book classes with Kathy online by going here.

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