Episode 78: Shortie — Don’t Settle for Boilerplate Medicine!

People ask what it means to be rebellious about wellness, health, and aging. This shortie will answer that in part.

Boiler plate medicine is one-size-fits-all diagnosing and prescribing and it makes me nuts.

True, some aspects of being a woman or a man line up, like stress is bad for us and junk food in abundance causes inflammation and a host of other ills.

Most every other aspect of health must be filtered by, at the least, gender, age, lifestyle habits, and genetics. (Yeah, that’s me who used to say genes are not destiny. I still believe that, but new science has me expand on that idea. They are still only a blueprint waiting for a builder, (that would be you and me) but the more we know about our genetic profile the stronger we can build our house.

That’s not the focus of this episode, but if you want to hear about the latest science of using genes for better mental and physical health, here’s an episode on that.

What I hope you’ll take away is that every recommendation for a prescription or procedure that you get from a western trained doc isn’t necessarily what you need and might in fact be harmful over time.

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This shortie is about encouraging you to get educated before you say Yes to a drug—especially if it’s something you’ll have to be on for life.

I’m also hoping to give you a dose of courage to question, why this drug? What are the side effects? Is there an alternative? Something I can do?

Here are a few things I referenced:

Cholesterol, Statins and Women Part 1

Cholesterol, Statins, and Women Part 2

The Power of 5 Assessment Are your lifestyle habits going to give you the long healthy active life you want? The assessment is like a crystal ball for healthy aging.

Docs/Websites I trust for research or information

Dr. Axe is a functional medicine generalist so you’ll find all kinds of health information on his site.

Dr. Peter Attia is Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician. His thing is longevity, biohacking, testing. He’s got a great podcast too.

I mentioned functional medicine docs a couple of times. 

The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

Read more and find a practitioner near you with this search tool



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