Episode 80: Psychic Readings and Communing with the Dead

What’s it like to talk to dead people?

How about knowing with certainty that you can receive messages for people looking for direction or help with an area of their lives?

Karen Romine, is a psychic and medium but her roots were conservative, traditional. “Even when I was younger, I heard voices or I knew things that I really wasn’t supposed to know.”

And she had many careers before deciding to get trained to use her natural gifts to help others.

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Karen had a few health challenges before she made the leap because she was stuffing down the calling to do this work.

Everything resolved when she stepped into this world fully.

Karen offers one on one psychic readings and mediumship readings should you want to connect with a person or animal who has crossed over.

And here’s a really cool thing: she works with law enforcement to help find missing persons. She tells a chilling story about one recent incident.

We spoke about why some people would like a reading but are afraid of what they’ll hear or experience.

It’s really fear of the unknown. I’ve had a reading with her and I promise it’s not scary and you don’t have to engage with anyone you don’t want to or hear anything a spirit has to say. Karen prepares you to let her know if you want her to stop at any point.

Others feel they’d be going against their faith to use this kind of energy.

Karen believes it isn’t denying your faith or in opposition to it, it’s simply using a different energy form-spirit if you will-to give you peace or answers.

She may be unique in her approach. She knows nothing about you when you book a call except your first name. (Unless, of course, you’ve had a reading with her) She doesn’t ask for an intention only whether you want to speak to someone or an animal who is no longer in physical form, or whether you want a psychic reading. You can also do a hybrid.

There is so much packed into this call about how she reads or channels I encourage anyone who has ever thought about getting a reading to listen in and go to her website: Karen Romine dot com.

How do babies come through? What if someone has taken their life?

What if the spirit of a relative has advice for me?

It’s important to find a medium/psychic who is ethical and the real deal.

Karen answers these Qs and many more.

She’s offering listeners an 11% discount on their first reading of either kind or the hybrid. Use coupon code rwo50.

And if you want to have an experience of Karen in a group setting sign up here. You don’t have to ask a question or respond to someone who comes through even if they are there with a message for you. Just be a part of the energy and get a feel for it.

Follow her on IG where she offers wisdom and announces her classes or special offers.


And if you’d like to speak to Karen before booking anything you can email her at Karen@KarenRomine.com

I’m already seeing the manifestation of a few things that came through in my reading with Karen, I’ll write about it in January when I believe more things will arrive.

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