Episode 81: Let Go or Be Dragged. One Way to Change Your Life

Are you the “wait and see, hope it doesn’t blow up” kind of person?

Or does this sound more like you, “It’s time to make a big change, I’m blowing it all up and here for the ride?”

Monica Ricci did the latter. In the space of four months, Monica left her marriage, sold their two homes, a business, and the illusion of a secure future. She had two choices: fall apart or forge ahead.

Even though it was her choice there was still a huge loss to get through.

In addition, she had to start over in every aspect of her life.

We talked about how long it took her to decide she had to take action and how she learned — finally — to lean on others to get her through.

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The main focus of our convo is how she took on her body while all this other chaos was playing out.

“My health was part of the reason I allowed my inner voice to become louder. In 2019, I embarked on this health journey, what turned out to be a complete transformation of everything.”

In 2019, Monica decided to start strength training and went from being a soft, fluffy, average American woman to being a strong, lean muscular woman.

She joined a 12 day challenge at the beginning of the new year, 12 mins a day for 12 days of the exercises provided. In that short time she saw the beginnings of results and decided to continue.

Her take away was it was the showing up for herself that felt the best.

Monica found a coach who changed her diet and that really helped with the weight loss but it might not be right for everyone. She eats meat and eggs pretty much exclusively.

We acknowledged that reaching a goal is one thing, staying where you got to or going beyond that takes a continued commitment.

Her mantra: Make every single thing that you do a vote for the person that you want to be.

Lots more juicy convo, have a listen.

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