Episode 84: Why You Must Understand Metabolic Health to be Healthy

Dr. Doug Lucas, owner of Optimal Human Health,  is a whole body, true health care practitioner.

 “My passion is to help people get back the Stamina they lost, the Ambition they once had, the Vitality they are missing in their lives, the Energy to perform at their highest level and the Desire to live their best life.”

Former osteopathic surgeon, he realized he was only fixing the tail end of a problem in many cases and wanted to help the whole person. He was and is interested in prevention and strengthening a person from gut and immune system to muscles and bones.

Our conversation went wide and deep in a few instances, like diabetes.

‘I recognize that we can do amazing things in the system, but what we are not good at is treating the things like diabetes, like osteoporosis, because the system just isn’t designed to help deal with these things that have a broad cause.”

Pharmaceuticals for things like dementia, diabetes, and osteoporosis are not very effective but a whole person approach that includes coaching and education about lifestyle, etc is effective and can send that sick person back in the direction of health. Something meds will never do.

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Doug shares the truth about diabetes, that it is not a blood sugar problem, it’s an insulin problem. An intolerance for carbohydrates and processed foods results in chronic elevation of insulin due to increased blood sugar.

The drugs mostly treat bringing blood sugar down by increasing insulin, but you already have high insulin, right? So now we’re actually making the problem worse by increasing the levels of insulin.

Lowered blood sugar is a good thing, you lower your risk of small vessel problems, retinopathy, kidney problems and feet issues.

Insulin however is a big vessel problem—dementia, stroke, heart disease.

Oh and it will make you gain weight.

·    We went through the importance of real thyroid testing (Not just TSH) if you have symptoms.

·    Diabetes and heart disease go hand in hand

·    Osteoporosis is reversible (Dr.Lucas’s other business is Optimal Bone Health)

·    The many types of bone health testing and what each one does

·    Supplements

·    Genetic testing and the importance of having a professional read them and advise you on using the data

·    CGMs, whether you can boost your immune system

·    Obesity and compassion, education, and coaching

·    The importance of sleep “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker And how it took he and his wife 3 years to master their different chronotypes and daily habits to get a good night’s sleep together

·    When bananas are better than grapes

We wrapped up with Doug encouraging everyone to become an advocate for their own health. Don’t just settle for baseline health, testing, etc. Get a second opinion when something doesn’t feel right.

We also talked about

Osteostrong a new form of exercise for bone strength called osteogenic loading.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon  Anti-aging supplement and skin care

Follow him on Instagram  or Facebook. He offers webinars which are full of great information. He makes all the science simple.

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