Episode 96: Over 60? You need to hear the truth about hormone replacement

My guest, Dr. Selma Rashid, speaks frankly about what life without hormone restoration is like and why she’s passionate about educating women about BHRT.

“And that’s what most women want. They’re not looking for, you know, physical beauty. They’re looking for dignity. They don’t want to be in a nursing home calling the bell for somebody to take them to the bathroom.”

I’m totally in agreement with her, you?

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·    Her mission is: To provide the safest, most natural way to eliminate menopause symptoms and prevent the chronic diseases of aging.

·    To communicate medical knowledge and scientific facts so more people can make healthy choices not limited by the constraints of standard medical practices and those backed by financial interests.

And that’s the basis of our conversation but geared to women over 60. Why 60? Because these are the women most often left out of the conversation about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement. Many docs aren’t educated about them to begin with. Those who are fear starting women over 60 because western medicine applies the data on the average woman who has heart disease, diabetes, and other problems to the whole population.

“Why should we accept the symptoms of aging and allow our health to degenerate when medical science has discovered so much information on how we can remain at our best?”

Why indeed!

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Selma passionately pursues methods of disease prevention based on up-to-date medical science. Though she accepts that aging is inevitable, she refuses to accept that we should allow our health to degenerate when medical science has discovered so much information on how to remain functional.

We covered:

·      The myth that BHRT leads to or promotes breast cancer

·      Why creams and gels are safer and more effective than oral dosing

·      How hormone replacement adds quality of life 

·      The cardiac, bone, brain, and vitality protective qualities of hormone replacement

·      Vaginal lubrication and which hormone works

·      The importance of healthy adrenal glands

Her book, The Truth Behind Hormone Replacement Therapy, What you need to know to remain youthful and healthy, makes the science of all this easy to understand. I have to book and because of my conversation and her great supporting evidence quoted in it I was able to speak to my doc about moving away from oral progesterone to transdermal (cream). I’m looking forward to seeing what if any changes occur in how I sleep.

Speaking about using medications to solve problems they won’t really solve:

“Estradiol and progesterone went out. We know it’s going out. We’ve known it from since the beginning of time. It’s what ages us. It’s what sets us on this rapid path of degenerative aging. And so put that back in and you’ve solved most of your problems anyway. You don’t need to start fixing your brain with medications, your adrenals with medications when the problem was not enough estrogen and progesterone.”

She makes a compelling case. Dr. Rashid practices in 4 offices and by telemedicine. Head to her website for contact info.

If you want to learn more about my journey with BHRT and the many myths that abound around perimenopause, grab my book . You can get the first chapter free on that page.






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