Episode 97: How this breathing technique can conquer out of control you

 Adam was a burned out, pre-diabetic, asthmatic, heavily medicated 20-something when he decided he’d had enough. Started to developed a simple 6-step breathing technique for emotional control.

A lucky encounter with a climbing wall started him on his return to health. Despite having a panic attack on the first climb, Adam went back again and again. And he learned a specific kind of breathing technique that climbers use to keep them focused and steady.

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Early in the conversation he said he got lucky that he found it.

I asked what “it” was.

“Well, it was, finding a way into understanding how to regulate my own response to stress. So essentially nervous system regulation.”

He said that many people are told to meditate which is great but he was looking for a way to manage his moments of frustration, anger, overeating, as they were happening. One can’t always sit and meditate.

He credits some of his process to the HeartMath Institute. According to their site, “HeartMath Institute’s research demonstrates that different patterns of heart activity have different effects on your thoughts and behaviors.”

If you aren’t familiar with them it’s worth a look. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with their work, their programs and interviewed one of the co-founders. They are rooted in fascinating science about the heart and energy fields. But I digress.

Adam developed a 6-step system to regulate the beats of our hearts in the moment, to then reset our nervous system so we can make the decisions we’d rather make. Decisions like “I really don’t need these cookies,” or “I want to rip their head off.”

You can see how this would come in handy don’t you midlife woman?

Because of his breathing system, Adam has been able to connect with food in a new way, has ditched his unhealthy patterns—not to mention all the meds—and created a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle and life.

You can get it for free at https://clearimpact.io

Head over if you need a way to conquer cravings, anxiety, out of control feelings.

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