Jennifer’s weight loss success continues

This post is taken from a journal I invited my then client Jennifer, to share with the world. I’m including it here because her journey might help someone else who can’t seem to get the weight thing handled.

“I turned 46 last week, and I was sure I’d have this weight thing handled by now. My Coach, Gregory Anne, knew better. When she told me at the outset that it could take as long as six months to get rid of my excess weight, I smiled and thought, “Yep. I’m sure that’s how it works for all the other people…”

Well… she was right.

I have lost 6 pounds and 13 inches so far, and my body composition has changed markedly. I’m not sure how many pounds of muscle I have put on, but I’m considerably smaller and WAY more solid than I was 12 weeks ago. I haven’t won the war yet, but I’m definitely kicking some ass on the field of battle.

I began this journey focused on weight loss, but I my attention keeps turning toward what I have gained. I have gained understanding and control of the issues surrounding my weight, learned how my metabolism works and what makes it work well at mid-life, and now I know how to continue losing weight in a way that’s sustainable for me. What could be wrong with that!?

Before, I would have gotten discouraged by how slowly the numbers on the scale were dropping, and I would have drifted back to my old way of eating. This is the point where all the benefits of Greg’s coaching kick in. Because she has shared her nutritional knowledge, offered suggestions and substitutions, and called me out when I didn’t hold up my end of our agreement, going back is no longer an option. I am now armed with the knowledge of how amazing being healthy feels (and looks, for that matter!), and there is NOTHING — not even cake pops — that tastes as good as healthy feels!

To get me to this point, Greg did what all great coaches do — she continued to ask me the right questions. Finding the answers gave me ownership of this process, and those answers have become the guiding principles that will keep me on the path to a lifetime of wellness.

Greg and I are coming to the end of our three-month formal coaching commitment, but the only thing that will change for me is that I’ll really miss hearing her voice on the other end of the line every Tuesday morning at 9:30. I may not be having regular sessions with Greg the Coach anymore, but I know that my friend Greg will be cheering me on every step of the way. The journey continues!”