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 Live Q & A with Dr. J Ann Dunn


Gene science for healthy aging and how to take control of your DNA

Dr. J Ann Dunn

November 16th at 4pm EST

Genes make us who we are and yet, our genes are not destiny.

It’s been said that genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Simply put, your genes are triggered by biochemicals — the basic elements your body breaks down from what you eat and drink, other supplemental nutrients and your environment.

Change these and you can change the way your genes perform.

And that can change your life forever.

Until recently, genetic testing was reserved for family planning, to identify specific disease potential in high risk patients, or to see if a cluster of symptoms were genetic in nature.

Today, as you know, gene testing is widely available for ancestry, nutrigenomics, and as a roadmap for healthy longevity.

Have you ever thought about getting your genes tested but had questions the websites don’t answer? Join me and my guest, Dr. J Ann Dunn, DC, functional medicine trained, biochemistry expert and founder of MyHappyGenes and get your questions answered.

DNA Testing

DNA Puzzle

Dr. J Dunn began to research the role of genes in her own struggles with depression and chronic fatigue, as well as the mental and emotional issues of her patients.

As she matched these findings with the amazing body of research on nutrition and the brain, she began to see even more clearly, direct, specific ways to impact her patients’ health… sometimes overcoming years of suffering.

I interviewed Dr. Dunn for the podcast and was so impressed with her knowledge and practical explanation of using our DNA to not only improve our lives now, but for the future.

Our first conversation was perhaps 35 minutes. As soon as I got off the interview, the questions I didn’t ask started to pile up. I knew I had to have her back and to introduce her to as many people as possible.

Not because I’m an affiliate – I’m not. Because I believe this is the future of holistic health.

Your ability to be strong, healthy and on top of your game can be impacted by certain genetic variants that are holding you back.

Knowledge about why you are the way you are and diet and nutrients specifically targeted to modify your genetic expression can change the way your body functions and how you age.

Genomic PrivacyOne last thing you should consider before buying any genetic test kit.

Every existing consumer DNA lab we know of has hidden terms that let them sell your data!  Dr. Dunn, believes this is unethical, especially with information as personal as your own DNA!

At MyHappyGenes, your data are NEVER sold or shared. They will always respect your privacy!

There is no charge for this live call. It will be recorded. If you can’t be there live but have a question about gene testing, send it to me by noon on November 16th.

I hope you’ll join us.