How to Lose Weight At Any Age

Lose Weight At Any Age

When you’ve had it with deprivation, timed eating, and supplements

When all the cardio in the world doesn’t move the needle on the scale…

(But it does make you hungrier.)

And you’ve tried “everything” to banish the pounds that just won’t go


In a minute you’ll learn more about this report on some sneaky science that shows you all the ways weight loss is sabotaged by everyday products… 

And how crazy, out of whack, hormones can also make weight loss impossible.

As women we know 2 things:

  1. Weight gain is easy.
  2. Weight loss is hard.

Maybe it wasn’t hard when we were in our twenties, but at fifty? Sixty? Beyond that? Hard! 

And it takes too long

Honestly, it can feel like a losing battle, amiright?

It’s not your fault, unless you’ve already read my report on weight loss saboteurs and you’re ignoring all the juicy information in there. 😂

Of course you wouldn’t do that, but you can read it by entering your name and email:

The report you clicked through to learn more about is this:

Lose Weight at Any Age, How your hormones, habits, and everyday chemicals make it harder than ever to shift those extra pounds.

ObesogensIn it you will learn about obesogens, the chemicals found in everyday products that wreck hormone balance and contribute to weight gain. 

And yes, science is on my side, as you’ll see when you read it.

When it comes to hormones, by fifty you have been, or are still, experiencing fluctuating hormones that leave you feeling exhausted, raggy, driven by cravings to find carbs and sugar, unable to sleep well, etc.

Without learning how to bring these powerful chemicals back into balance, you will be on that roller coaster for a long time.

Why listen to me?

My name is Greg, women’s healthy aging coach. 

Gregory Anne CoxI’ve been a chubby tween and yo-yo thirty- and forty-something.

When peri-menopause hit – with a vengeance – I knew I had to learn everything I could about the changes taking place and how to navigate them.

That was almost 20 years ago and I’ve been researching, coaching and speaking about this stuff since. And the best part? I figured out what works, for me and the many other women I’ve worked with who are tired of living in a body with a mind of its own.

I love food, enjoy wine, don’t do deprivation, and promise that you can find your forever body like I did.

It won’t happen like magic after reading one report, but there are plenty of action items in this report to get you started.

Sign up for the Lose Weight At Any Age report, now. All you’ve got to lose is your feelings of frustration and nothing works.

And give yourself another shot.