The Power of 5 Lifestyle Assessment


Get a clear picture of where you are now and what small or significant changes will give you BIG RESULTS

You cruised into your 50s looking good, thinking, “this aging thing isn’t all that bad….”

One day, after a particularly sleepless night, the memo arrives: your body officially has a mind of its own.

What used to work to stay in shape… Whose body was that?
Sleep… Who sleeps at this age?
Energy… Roller coaster comes to mind
Moods… See above, roller coaster
Cravings… You’d steal cookies from a toddler

But, you know what they say, “This is what happens at your age”…

And I say, “Not on my watch, not if I can help.”
As it turns out I can.
But let’s talk about you for another moment, shall we?

You are a unique, complex cocktail of chemical messengers and hormones.

All of those symptoms can be boiled down to one thing: biochemical individuality.

(Those are my only $5 words I promise).

Here’s the simple version: your body does not work like mine, your sister’s, or your  mother’s.

So doing what they do? Chances are you’ll be disappointed.

Remember that word “individuality?”

Hormones run the show speaking of cravings and roller coaster moods.

And chin hairs.

Eew, Greg, no one talks about those.

Right, but not talking about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

This, the unique thing that is you, (not the chin hairs), is why:

  • You can try eighty-eight skillion diets and programs
  • You can buy melatonin, weighted blankets, eye shades, and listen to a podcast designed to bore you to sleep
  • You can learn all the mind hacks to motivate you to fast, go vegan, or take up Cross-fit

But if those aren’t the right plans for you, you will not get the results you are hoping for.

Because your hormones are not just running the show they are running you ragged; too much of some and too little of others.

Be not dismayed…

Lifestyle AssessmentEven if you feel you’ve tried everything…

There is one thing you can do that I know you haven’t tried: the Power of 5 Lifestyle Assessment – an assessment and one-on-one call to coach you through your answers, answer your questions, and leave you with a plan that will put you on the path to a healthier you.

If you know you’re ready to invest in an assessment, click this link. If not, continue reading below.

My first rule when it comes to health is “Assess. Don’t guess.”

Think of the Power of 5 Assessment as the guesswork eliminator. You answer simple questions on how you do your days in 4 categories:





I dive in looking for ways to get you back to feeling like yourself, maybe even better.

Together we formulate a plan, based on my 5 pillars of health, that will get you the results you have been looking for all along.

The Power of 5 AssessmentWhat kind of results, you ask?

  • Sleep, so you’ll have more energy and might even lose those under-eye circles and some belly fat
  • Reverse the diagnosis “pre-diabetes” so you can avoid full blown Type II
  • Lose extra pounds — if it’s on your wish list — so that you feel good in your body. (And do it without deprivation or hours of exercise)
  • Gain confidence knowing you are doing what it takes to stave off the diseases of aging

You have blind spots about your stuff — we all do.

My years of health and weight loss coaching, nutrition training, and success helping women just like you feel better means there’s a good chance I can help you.

Oh, and I’ve mastered the hormones and habits dance myself, so I can save you weeks, months, maybe years of trying to figure it all out on your own.

Who is this for?

For women over 50 who…

  • hate squats and think burpees are things babies get
  • don’t need to know what vegan cheese tastes like
  • believe in the power of wine with friends
  • Want to feel like themselves again, the best version and know how to stay that way in the years to come

The Power of 5It’s also for women who know they have to make some changes in order to experience all the good things life still has to offer…

But have no desire to become a gym rat, eat only once per day, or follow an extreme diet like Keto, no matter what results it promises.

You want to live like normal people, only with more energy and confidence. You want to know that you are giving your body what it needs to give you that energy and more.

Mostly, it’s for you if you are willing to invest some time and a little money in yourself because you know you deserve this. And you don’t want to roll the dice and hope it all turns out okay because this is your one precious life. (Maybe not, but you’re here now so why not make the most of it by staying healthy?)

Here’s what you get when you invest in the assessment:

  • A comprehensive (but not too long or scary) set of questions to give me insight into which of your lifestyle habits have you on track for a long healthy life, and which might be saboteurs in hiding.
  • A 45-minute, one-on-one call with me to discuss and answer your questions
  • You’ll leave with an understanding of your habits, your mindset, and the top 3 changes that will move the needle on your health