The Power of 5 Lifestyle Assessment


Get a clear picture of where you are now and what small or significant changes will give you BIG RESULTS

Welcome, welcome fellow fabulon!

Whether you decided to have an assessment as a check-in to see whether what you are doing now will serve you for the years ahead 


You haven’t felt fabulous in weeks, months, or years and need answers, action steps, and a plan for healthy aging,

The Power of 5 Assessment is a great choice!

Here’s what happens next.

Check your inbox for an email from

In there you’ll find a link to the assessment. It’s an online form, and easy to use.

There will also be a few suggestions about how to answer the questions that don’t feel like they have an answer.

Once you submit your assessment, you’ll get another email with a link to schedule your call.

I’m looking forward to working with you not only on your physical health and habits but also on that beautiful mind of yours

Women are held to a different standard than men as we age, and I know it’s easy to feel diminished and lose confidence.

We’ll also work on the thoughts and feelings that might be living rent-free in your head. For some, it’s eviction time.

The Power of 5 Assessment