The Power of 5 Lifestyle Assessment


You are one step closer to taking control of your future self’s health and happiness. Here’s a recap of what you’ll get when you invest in the assessment:

  • Take the online assessment – I promise it’s not a drag and you’ll be surprised what you might learn
  • We have a 45-minute call to go review what your answers told me about how you do your days in light of aging in good health
  • I will answer all the questions you have after taking the survey
  • You leave with suggestions for making small changes that will improve how you feel now and protect you for the years to come
  • You’ll also get a recording of our call and a transcript so you can always review what we uncovered

You might be on the fence, asking yourself, “will this really do anything for me?”, “what if I don’t do the work?”, “What if she can’t deliver?”

I get it, been right where you are.

Indecision is torture and you’ve got enough stress. How about this?

If you aren’t 100% happy with your assessment, our call, or the suggestions I make, send me an email telling me why and I’ll refund your money–all of it.

I’m confident in my ability to analyze where you are now and make suggestions to move you closer to where you want to be.

And if you don’t believe in you to do the work once you’ve heard my suggestions, let me be your accountability partner.

Before you purchase the assessment, I’ve got something you might want to consider…

For those of you who are more done-with-you than DYI, I’m offering 30 days of coaching, of me being there with you, answering questions as they come up. Having support in the first 30 days of any new way of doing things is important. And will help you integrate those next steps and help turn new ideas into new habits.

It’s my 30-day Assessment and Integration program.

We’ll start with the assessment, the 45-minute call, the next steps.

Add to that 30-days of me supporting you as you learn to integrate what you those next steps.

And you’ll have accountability.

As Jim Rohn said, “What’s easy to do is easy not to do.”

It’s easy to get excited about change when it’s been laid out in front of you, (this is what happens during the assessment) but not so easy to implement and stick to new plans.

You’ll have questions. You’ll want someone to cheer you and help you over the humps.

The 30-day program includes:

  • (2) 30-minute check in calls
  • Unlimited email and Voxer access
  • More resources tailored to your desired changes that we identify on the assessment.

Invest now and get both the assessment and the follow-up 30 days of coaching for $397.

Money Back Guarantee

You have the same guarantee.

100% of your money back if you are not happy
after our first 45-minute call.