Every bite you take and thought you think
is either an investment in your health or a debt you will have to repay.

And the piper starts knocking right about 50. But I don’t have to tell you that.

Change is the name of the second half game.

First come hot flashes and mood swings, Suddenly you’ve more wrinkles than a hairless cat, the muffin top is expanding, and you’ve made more than one visit to Dr. Google asking “Am I losing my mind”?

The fuel your body wants changes, energy levels change, our skin, our lady parts, how we see ourselves, how we feel in our bodies – it all changes.

You can go it alone, suffer needlessly, spend more time with Dr. Google, or you can scroll through the options for support and direction below…

The Power of 5 Lifestyle Assessment 

The Power of 5 Assessment

Isn’t it better to know than to hope?

As in, to know that you are doing what it takes for you to age in good health rather than thinking you are – hoping you are?

Dr. Google might be there for you, but search results are generic. You are unique.

The Power of 5 Lifestyle Assessment is the guesswork eliminator. 

Think of it like a forensic investigation into your day-to-day, your habits, thoughts, and beliefs that together give you the results you have right now.

The P5A is for you if you aren’t happy with the results you have right now. frown

The Assessment, and the one-on-one call that’s included, give me a clear picture of where you are now and what small or significant changes will give you Big Results.

The Assessment and Integration 30

Assessment & Integration

Help! I’m getting old…

Congratulations, it beats the alternative, but I know how depressing it can be to realize that things are changing, and who really knows what’s up ahead?

Will I get sick, lose my mobility, lose my mind?

Getting older is not a disease but, like it or not, we have to shift some habits or pay the price.

If we ignore the early symptoms, the price can be heartbreakingly high.

80% of the diseases that steal our freedom to be fully engaged in life – diabetes, cancer, heart disease, even Alzheimers – can be traced to our lifestyle choices.

“Hell’s bells, Greg, how do I know if I’m doing enough?” Glad you asked. I’ve got an idea.

“Greg has the uncanny ability to communicate and to intuitively zero in where the greatest shifts and growth can happen.  I am forever grateful for the ways that Greg’s support and wisdom helped me to change my life.  She one of the most clear and authentic coaches I know.”

Joan Scharff