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Well hello there, you fabulous woman you!

There are so many great offers from my colleagues so let me say right up top, THANK YOU, for stopping by to grab my ebook on testing.

Look, I know testing’s not a sexy topic.

It’s not going to get you the girl or guy of your dreams.

Knowing what tests to get and what to skip will not fill your bank account or uplevel your business.

But having your health is foundational to enjoying sex.

It’s a must have if you are ready for that next great relationship.

And it’s critical to running a business. When you lack energy you lack focus. Not feeling well? There goes your motivation to do what it takes.

I speak from experience in all of those categories. But that’s a story for another day.

I wrote this ebook because I believe that the information we get from testing helps us adjust our lifestyle habits so we can age in good health. “Test don’t guess” is a motto around here.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this digital resource:

  • Which of the commonly recommended tests you should get and which you can skip
  • Alternatives to invasive tests like the standard colonoscopy
  • What your results really mean (For example, what does your cholesterol score really tell you
  • How to get a proper thyroid test if you suspect you are hyperthyroid
  • And lots more…

Why not have a visit over at Rebellious Wellness Over 50. That’s home base for all of my out of the box health aging tips, my podcasts, and services.

Thanks again. I appreciate each one of you.