Episode 25: The 100-Year Lifestyle — because you might live longer than you think

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Plasker may live in Georgia, but he has a NYC energy and no-BS manner and we had fun.

Chiropractor, International best-selling author of the 100 Year Lifestyle book series, and speaker, Dr. Eric Plasker is on a mission. 

He wants to help us all see our longevity potential as birthright time not borrowed time and develop a proactive mindset to create our own 100 Year Lifestyle.

Today, too many people believe that our health is dependent on a drug and our longevity is a matter of luck or good genes. If you’ve listened to this podcast before you’ll know that genes play about a 30% role in how we age. Luck? I prefer not to roll the dice with my future.

He believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the moment they are born through their last breath of life–and that more and more of us are actually living to be much older than we anticipate. 

We are the first generation in history that is getting the advanced notice that whether you like it or not, want to or not, you will probably live longer than you ever thought.


“If one person can make a difference for you, it’s you.”

People say, you lost all that weight, Dr. Plasker. “I said no, I didn’t. It was never mine. I haven’t lost anything, but I’m not going to find it.”

We discussed the importance of being mindful of every habit, every thought. I like to say Everything is food.

2 of Eric’s 3 principles:

1)    The magnet principle, “Change is easy, thinking about change is hard.”

2)    The persistence principle, a.k.a. also known as the titration principle.

Ask yourself: Are you motivated by crisis or motivated by lifestyle?

“You have to decide if you’re more committed to perpetual suffering then you are to making these changes.”

When people say “Diabetes/heart disease/insert lifestyle disease here runs in my family.” Dr. P asks, “Does the disease run in your family or does smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise run in your family?”

Your genes will change with your lifestyle choices.

You have an innate intelligence running your body.

You aren’t making anyone wrong by your decision to change your lifestyle. Changing yourself isn’t about them, though they might take it that way.

Change comes one choice at a time. Think progress, not perfection

It’s not the first cookie that made you fat. It’s all of them. 

Dr. Plasker approaches change this way. “I make my short-term goals with a long term vision.”

During one of Dr. P’s videos I heard him say something about “living to one hundred versus not dying.” We want to be alive and enjoying life rather than just hanging on, waiting for the reaper don’t we?

Set a long-term vision that gets you up in the morning every day and gets you excited.

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