Greg’s Book (aka) The Missing Midlife Manual

“This book is a breath of fresh air!! In a field filled with outdated information and weighted down with mythology and false beliefs, Greg is a shining beacon of hope. This book may be aimed at midlife women – and it certainly serves them sell – but anyone can benefit from its easy-to-follow tips on getting or staying healthy as we age. Highly recommended!

– Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS aka “The Rogue Nutritionist”, author of “The Great Cholesterol Myth”

Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size Of Your Jeans

Gregory Anne Cox

The myths, half-truths, and misconceptions that are making you fat, frustrated and fatigued.

Midlife is not a fat sentence and disease is NOT an inevitable part of aging!

Itchy, bitchy, fat and frazzled is how many women describe themselves at midlife, and their docs are telling them “it’s all in your head.” Or worse, prescribing and anti-depressant. Hormonal changes alone do not mean you’re depressed!

This and ten other myths are busted wide open inside, replaced by the latest science on healthy eatinghealthy aging and putting the delicious back into life!

Here are the results you can expect if you read and follow the recommendations in this 140+ page book:


Free yourself from the idea that what runs in your family is out to get you. Genes are NOT destiny


Fall in love with fat and watch your cravings diminish and your energy soar.


The truth about cholesterol means a happy brain and a boost for your sex hormones. There is no such things as Bad cholesterol!


Age in good health with vitality and without prescription drugs. Aging is not a disease and should not be treated as one.


Know exactly what kinds of exercise give you the results you want

You’ll have everything you need to start making the small changes that add up to you looking and feeling your best at midlife and beyond.

Want a Sneak Preview?

Here’s a taste of my philosophy, what you will and won’t find in the book,
and how to make the most of the information.

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